• Jan Lubinski, Pomeranian Medical University
  • Rodney Scott, University of Newcastle
  • Rolf Sijmons, University Medical Center Groningen

logo logoHereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice is the official journal of the International Hereditary Cancer Centre and is published under the auspices of International Union Against Cancer.

The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education and West Pomeranian Voivodeship (Województwo Zachodniopomorskie) provide funds for the publication of articles in this journal.



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Aims & scope

Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice is an open access journal that publishes articles of interest for the cancer genetics community and serves as a discussion forum for the development of appropriate healthcare strategies.

Editors' profiles

Professor Jan Lubinski

Profile of Professor Jan Lubinski

Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice publishes articles on advanced and unique concepts within hereditary cancer, aided by editors with experience of both research and clinical practice relating to populations with DNA testing based on founder mutations. This allows us to understand the necessary improvements in genetic counselling, the value of population screenings as well as the unique achievements in chemotherapy and chemoprevention.”

Professor Rodney J Scott

Profile of Professor Rodney J Scott

“Anyone interested in hereditary predispositions to cancer should have access to Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice. This is an open access journal that addresses the needs of all physicians and medical scientists interested in genetics through to psycho-social issues related to inherited predispositions to cancer.”

Dr Rolf Sijmons

Profile of Dr Rolf Sijmons

“A family history of cancer is a powerful indicator of cancer risk. Many hundreds of familial cancer syndromes with high penetrant mutations exist. In addition, combinations of low-penetrant germline mutations may add up to significant cancer risks in individuals. The practical aspects of recognizing familial cancer syndromes, studying the inherited causes of cancer and researching the medical management of patients and families with high genetic risks are the topics of our journal. Publishing in an open access format supports the spread of knowledge on hereditary cancer within the professional community.”

Latest supplements

Volume 13 Suppl 2 (26 November 2015)

Meeting abstracts from the Annual Conference on Hereditary Cancers 2014

Meeting abstracts
Szczecin, Poland. 25-26 September 2014

Volume 13 Suppl 1 (9 September 2015)

Annual Conference on Hereditary Cancers 2013

Meeting abstracts
Szczecin, Poland. 26-27 September 2013

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